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Quick Release Double Helix Cock Ring by Cal Exotics

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Color: Black



  1. Double Helix Design for Double Arousal: The Quick Release Double Helix Cock Ring by California Exotics offers double the arousal and stimulation, providing an enhanced experience for both partners. The double helix design contributes to extended play fun and heightened pleasure.

  2. Quick Release Erection Enhancer: This easy-to-use enhancer is designed to provide a sensuous and personalized fit, maximizing seduction pleasure and ensuring a prolonged rock-hard performance. The quick release feature adds convenience to the usage, allowing for easy application and removal.

  3. Made from Soft Rubber: Crafted from soft rubber, the enhancer ensures a comfortable and gentle experience against the skin. The material is chosen for its softness while maintaining the necessary support for stamina during intimate play.

  4. Personalized Trim-to-Fit Sizing: The Quick Release Double Helix Cock Ring features two individual rings that allow for personalized trim-to-fit sizing. This ensures a perfect and customized fit, enhancing comfort and pleasure for the user.

  5. Ultimate Comfort for Stamina Support: The dual-ring design provides ultimate comfort, ensuring effective stamina support. This comfort factor contributes to a longer-lasting performance, allowing users to indulge in mind-blowing encounters.

  6. Easy to Use: Using the enhancer is straightforward. Slip the larger ring around the scrotum and the smaller ring around the base of the erect penis. Trim the tubed rubber bands to the desired size, securely snap the two ends of each ring together, and prepare for tantalizing sensations.

  7. Suitable for First-time and Experienced Users: The enhancer is suitable for both first-time and experienced users, making it great for spontaneous exploration. Its user-friendly design ensures accessibility for those new to enhancement accessories.

  8. Longer Lasting Erection: Slip on the quick-release rings to experience a longer-lasting erection, allowing for unlimited intimate play. The enhanced stamina support contributes to prolonged pleasure during intimate encounters.

  9. Easy to Clean: Before and after each use, it's recommended to clean the rubber enhancer rings with a toy cleaner spray or wash them in warm soapy water, ensuring hygiene and maintenance.

  10. Compatible with Lube: For increased pleasure, always use a quality lubricant with this toy. It enhances the pleasurable sensations and ensures a smoother experience.

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