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Ouch Nurse Blindfold Eye Mask by Shots

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Color: White


  1. Enhanced Bedroom Adventure:

    • The Nurse Temptation BDSM Eye Mask is designed to add an extra "wow" factor to your next (bedroom) adventure.
    • Enhances the overall experience with its soft and beautiful design.
  2. Adjustable Stainless Steel Clasp:

    • Features an adjustable stainless steel clasp, ensuring a secure fit and making it one size fits most.
    • Allows for easy customization to suit individual preferences.
  3. Multiple BDSM Items Available:

    • The Nurse Temptation Eye Mask is part of a broader Nurse line with multiple BDSM items.
    • Explore the collection to complement and expand your set for diverse and exciting play.
  4. Product Dimensions:

    • Dimensions: 28.35" x 3.03".
    • Provides ample coverage for the eyes and surrounding areas, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.
  5. Waterproof Design:

    • Waterproof construction allows for versatile use in various settings.
    • Easy to clean and maintain for convenience.
  6. Phthalate-Free Materials:

    • Made from phthalate-free materials, prioritizing safety during intimate play.
    • Ensures peace of mind for both partners.
  7. Materials: PU Leather, Foam, Metal:

    • Crafted from high-quality materials, including PU leather for a soft feel against the skin.
    • Incorporates foam for added comfort and metal for durability and secure clasp functionality.
  8. Versatile BDSM Experience:

    • The Nurse Temptation Eye Mask is versatile and suitable for a range of BDSM experiences.
    • Ideal for those who enjoy incorporating themes and accessories into their play.
  9. Easy to Clean:

    • Waterproof and easy-to-clean materials facilitate hassle-free maintenance between uses.
    • Ensures a hygienic and enjoyable experience.
  10. Stylish and Tempting Aesthetic:

    • The eye mask features a stylish and tempting aesthetic inspired by the Nurse line.
    • Adds an element of role-playing and fantasy to your intimate encounters.

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