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Main Squeeze Lela Star Masturbator by Doc Johnson

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Color: Beige


  • Textured ULTRASKYN Masturbator: Crafted with lifelike ULTRASKYN material, the Main Squeeze Masturbator provides a realistic texture, simulating the intimate sensations experienced with Lela Star.
  • Molded Directly from Lela Star: This masturbator is molded directly from the intimate anatomy of Lela Star, offering a personalized experience and bringing her scenes to life.

  • User-Controlled Squeeze Plate: The masturbator features a user-controlled squeeze plate, allowing individuals to adjust the pressure according to their preferences for a personalized experience.

  • Lifelike Sensation: The tight and textured interior of the Main Squeeze warms to the touch, providing a lifelike and pleasurable sensation during use.

  • Adjustable Suction Strength: The end cap can be twisted to adjust the suction strength, allowing users to customize the experience according to their liking.

  • Discreet Travel and Storage: The double-cap hardshell design serves as a discreet travel case, ensuring convenient storage to keep the Main Squeeze fresh and ready for use whenever desired.

  • Fully Disassembles for Cleaning: Easy maintenance is facilitated as the masturbator can be fully disassembled, allowing thorough cleaning after each use.


  • Total Length: 9 inches

Experience the personalized and realistic sensations with Lela Star through the Main Squeeze Masturbator, designed for your pleasure and convenience.

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