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Japanese Drip Candles 3pk by Doc Johnson

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Color: Multi


  1. Mood Enhancement:

    • While candles are known for setting a romantic mood, Japanese Drip Candles take it a step further by adding an element of "pleasure and pain" for adventurous couples seeking a unique and intimate experience.
  2. Pleasure and Pain Play:

    • These candles are designed for "pleasure and pain" sex play, where the warm drips tease and tantalize, creating a sensual experience that heightens intimacy.
  3. Color-Coded Temperature:

    • The candles come in a three-pack with each color representing a different temperature:
      • Purple: Warm
      • Red: Warmer
      • Black: Hottest
  4. Adventurous Exploration:

    • Ideal for couples looking to explore new realms of sensory play and erotic sensations. The varying temperatures provide options for different levels of intensity.
  5. Pack of Three:

    • The three-pack ensures that you have options to experiment with and customize your intimate moments based on your preferences.

Overview: Japanese Drip Candles offer a thrilling addition to romantic settings, introducing an element of temperature play into intimate moments. The color-coded temperatures provide a spectrum of sensations, allowing couples to tailor their experiences to their desired level of intensity. Whether you prefer a warm tease or a hotter sensation, these candles are designed to enhance pleasure and intimacy for adventurous couples.

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