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Clean Stream Relax Anal Lubricant XR

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  1. Extremely Slippery:

    • Formulated to provide an exceptionally slippery texture, facilitating easy penetration during anal play.
  2. Lidocaine for Desensitization:

    • Contains lidocaine, a desensitizing agent known for its mild numbing effects, helping to reduce sensitivity in the anal area for a more comfortable experience.
  3. Light Numbing Effects:

    • Offers light numbing effects to minimize discomfort during anal activities without completely eliminating sensation.
  4. Easy Clean Up:

    • Designed for easy cleanup after use, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  5. Non-Staining:

    • The lubricant is non-staining, preventing any unwanted residue or marks on fabrics or surfaces.
  6. Latex, Condom & Sex Toy Safe:

    • Compatible with latex condoms and safe for use with sex toys, allowing for versatile and worry-free enjoyment.

Usage Instructions:

  • Apply a desired amount of the Desensitizing Anal Lubricant to the anal area before engaging in anal play. The lubricant's properties aim to enhance comfort and reduce sensitivity.

Note: This lubricant is crafted for individuals seeking a slippery and desensitizing solution for anal play. Its compatibility with latex, condoms, and sex toys adds to its versatility, providing users with a range of options for intimate experiences.

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