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Wicked Ultra Silicone Lubricant by Wicked Sensual Care®

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  1. Luxuriously Sensual and Long-Lasting: Wicked Ultra Silicone Personal Lubricant provides a luxuriously sensual experience, thanks to its high-performance and long-lasting formula.

  2. Velvety Smooth: The velvety smooth texture enhances pleasure without feeling heavy, greasy, or tacky, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable intimate experience.

  3. Highest Quality Silicone: Formulated with the highest quality silicone available, Wicked Ultra Fragrance-Free contains no additives or fillers, delivering an exceptionally silky feel.

  4. Ideal for Water Play: Suitable for water play, Wicked Ultra Fragrance-Free enriches intimacy and allows for intense sensations and heightened ecstasy during aquatic adventures.

  5. Never Sticky: This lubricant is designed to never feel sticky, maintaining a smooth and non-intrusive texture throughout use.

  6. Fragrance-Free: Free from added fragrances, ensuring a neutral and non-irritating experience for those who prefer fragrance-free products.

  7. Glycerin-Free: Excludes glycerin from its formula, catering to those who may be sensitive or prone to irritation.

  8. Paraben-Free: Formulated without parabens, providing a clean and body-friendly option for intimate use.

  9. Vegan - No Animal By-products or Testing: Wicked Ultra Silicone Lubricant is vegan-friendly, with no animal by-products or testing, aligning with ethical and cruelty-free values.

Directions: Apply to the area(s) where lubrication is desired. Cleans away easily with mild soap and water.

Ingredients: Dimethicone, Dimethiconol

Experience the heightened pleasure and smooth sensation of Wicked Ultra Silicone Personal Lubricant, a top-tier product that prioritizes quality, comfort, and ethical standards. Whether for regular use or water play, this fragrance-free and vegan-friendly lubricant offers a luxurious and enduring intimate experience.

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