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Wellness Raine Vibrating Kegel Balls by Blush Novelties

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Color: Purple


This revolutionary vibrating device is meticulously designed for women, focusing on strengthening pelvic muscles and delivering numerous benefits, including improved bladder control, posture, and heightened sexual pleasure. Crafted with dedication, Raine is made from premium-quality platinum-cured Purio® liquid silicone, elegantly encased in UltraSilk® for a silky-smooth touch, exceptional comfort, and effortless usage.

Key Features:

  1. Pelvic Muscle Strengthening:

    • Specifically designed to strengthen pelvic muscles, aiding in bladder control, improved posture, and enhanced sexual pleasure.
  2. Premium Materials:

    • Made from platinum-cured Purio® liquid silicone, ensuring a luxurious and body-friendly encounter. Encased in UltraSilk® for added smoothness.
  3. Versatile 4-Way Wireless Remote:

    • Take charge of your sensations with the versatile 4-way wireless remote control, suitable for both solo and partner play.
  4. 7 RumbleTech Vibrating Modes:

    • Transition effortlessly between 7 invigorating RumbleTech vibrating modes, featuring 3 speeds and 4 unique patterns.
  5. Turbo Boost Feature:

    • Intensify your experience with the Turbo Boost feature, providing a sensational 15-second surge of the most powerful setting at the press of a button.
  6. Magna Charge™ Rechargeable:

    • Raine easily charges with Magna Charge™ for convenient power-up.
  7. Waterproof (IPX7):

    • Fully waterproof up to IPX7 standards, allowing for a worry-free, fully submersible experience in the shower, bath, or any aquatic adventure.
  8. Free from Harmful Substances:

    • Raine is free from phthalates, fragrances, and paraffin, ensuring a safe and delightful encounter.


  • Material: Platinum-Cured Purio® Liquid Silicone, UltraSilk®
  • Wireless Remote: 4-Way
  • Vibrating Modes: 7 RumbleTech Modes (3 speeds, 4 patterns)
  • Turbo Boost: Yes (15-second surge)
  • Rechargeable: Magna Charge™
  • Waterproof: Yes, IPX7 (Fully Submersible)
  • Dimensions: (Not specified in the description)

Experience the luxurious touch of Purio® soft liquid silicone and the satin smoothness of UltraSilk® with Wellness Raine. Elevate your intimate wellness with the versatility of vibrating modes, Turbo Boost for intensified sensations, and the convenience of a rechargeable, waterproof design. Whether for pelvic floor exercises or pleasure, Raine offers a comprehensive and delightful experience for women.

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