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We've Never by Kheper Games

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  1. Diverse Card Categories:

    • The game includes 40 Location, Location cards for setting the scene, 40 Fun and Games, and Toys, Toys, Toys! Cards for added excitement, 40 cards dedicated to Erotic Edibles and Other Indulgences, and 40 Fantasy and Role-Play cards.
  2. Preserving Unexplored Activities:

    • Should the couple encounter a sexual activity they haven't yet tried but aspire to in the future, they preserve the card and raise a toast to the forthcoming adventure.
  3. Libations and Celebration:

    • Players savor their preferred libations while reveling in the thrill of what they have already achieved and eagerly anticipating future endeavors.
  4. Comprehensive Set:

    • The game includes 2 ...but we will! envelopes, a spinner, and comprehensive game rules, providing all the elements needed for an immersive and enjoyable experience.

How to Play:

  1. Setup:

    • Ensure all players are comfortable and in a relaxed setting.
  2. Choose a Card Category:

    • Decide which category of cards to explore—Location, Fun and Games, Toys, Erotic Edibles, or Fantasy and Role-Play.
  3. Take Turns:

    • Players take turns drawing cards and exploring the activities or scenarios described.
  4. Preserve Unexplored Activities:

    • If encountering an activity not yet tried but desired for the future, preserve the card as a reminder and celebration.
  5. Raise a Toast:

    • Enjoy libations and raise a toast to past achievements and future adventures.
  6. Collect Experiences:

    • Collect an array of enticing encounters to indulge in at leisure, creating a personal repertoire of shared experiences.


  • "We've Never" is designed for consensual and playful exploration between couples. Ensure that all activities align with the comfort levels and preferences of both partners.

Let the adventure begin with "We've Never," a game that invites couples to celebrate their journey, explore new horizons, and create a treasure trove of shared experiences.

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