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Vibro Finger Vibrator by Icon

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Color: Grey


  1. Dual Stimulation Design:

    • Specifically designed for dual finger vibrator penetration and clitoral stimulation, offering a versatile and satisfying experience.
  2. Flexible and Sexy Shape:

    • The flexible and sexy-shaped cover is designed to maximize pleasure during use, enhancing the overall sensory experience.
  3. Wrist Strap for Convenience:

    • Equipped with a wrist strap for one-handed usage, allowing the other hand to be free for exploration and interaction with a partner's body.
  4. Phallic Shape for Internal Stimulation:

    • Features a phallic-shaped design for internal stimulation, providing a realistic feel and enhancing the pleasure of penetration.
  5. Material:

    • Made with body-safe TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), ensuring a comfortable and safe experience during use.
  6. Variety in Sleeve Options:

    • Available in ribbed or cock-shaped semi-rigid sleeve options, allowing users to choose the texture that best suits their preferences.
  7. Pure Pleasure:

    • Crafted with the sole purpose of delivering pure pleasure, catering to both internal and external erogenous zones.

In summary, the Vibro Finger Vibrator is designed for dual stimulation with a focus on versatility and pleasure. The flexible and sexy-shaped cover, combined with the phallic shape for internal stimulation, creates a device that aims to provide a satisfying experience. The wrist strap adds convenience for one-handed use, allowing for additional exploration and interaction during intimate moments. With body-safe materials and options for different sleeve textures, this vibrator is crafted for pure pleasure and enjoyment.

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