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Pain Vampire Paddle Large by Shots

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Color: Black


  1. Extreme Submission Play: The OUCH! Large Vampire Paddle is designed for those who enjoy more extreme forms of submission play. It is crafted to add a significant level of intensity to impact play fantasies.

  2. High-Quality Lamb/Saddle Leather Construction: Crafted from high-quality lamb/saddle leather, the paddle prioritizes durability and robustness. This combination of materials ensures a strong and reliable tool for intense BDSM play.

  3. 48 Spiky Studs: The paddle is adorned with 48 spiky studs, enhancing the intensity of the impact. These studs are designed to tease and deliver intense sensations to the recipient's body, contributing to an extreme BDSM experience.

  4. Biting Sensations: Similar to its smaller counterpart, the paddle is designed to bite into the skin, providing intense and biting sensations during use. This design feature adds to the overall extreme nature of the BDSM experience with this paddle.

  5. Total Length: 41 cm (17")

  6. Handle Length: 15 cm (5.9")

  7. Width: 14 cm (5.5")

  8. Weight: 380 grams (13.4 oz)

The Pain Vampire Paddle Large is a BDSM accessory tailored for users seeking an extreme level of submission play. With its high-quality lamb/saddle leather construction, 48 spiky studs, and a focus on intense biting sensations, this paddle is positioned for experienced individuals comfortable with more extreme forms of impact play. The larger size and increased number of studs contribute to a heightened level of intensity in BDSM scenarios.

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