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Try Curious Beaded Anal Plug Kit 6pk by Icon

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Color: Black


  1. Comprehensive Anal Exploration: The Curious Beaded Anal Plug Kit offers a versatile and comprehensive experience for individuals looking to explore anal play. The kit includes a variety of beads and plugs, allowing users to progress at their own pace and take their ass-play to the next level.

  2. Step-by-Step Progression: Designed for individuals at various experience levels, the kit features a range of sizes, from "sleek beads" to small, medium, and large beads and plugs. This step-by-step progression allows beginners to gradually increase the intensity of their anal exploration.

  3. Sleek Beads: The inclusion of sleek beads in the kit provides a smooth and gradual introduction to anal play. The sleek design enhances comfort during insertion and removal.

  4. Perfect for Beginners: Tailored for the beginner backdoor enthusiast, the Curious Beaded Anal Plug Kit ensures a gentle and comfortable introduction to anal stimulation. The variety of sizes allows users to start with smaller options and progress to larger ones as they become more comfortable.

  5. Assortment of Sizes: The kit includes beads and plugs of different sizes, catering to a range of preferences and providing options for users to experiment with various sensations.

  6. Safe and Body-Friendly: Crafted from body-safe materials, the beads and plugs prioritize your health and well-being during intimate play. It's important to follow the product instructions to ensure safe and enjoyable use.

  7. Step-by-Step Exploration: The kit encourages users to explore at their own pace, fostering a comfortable and enjoyable journey into anal pleasure. This gradual approach helps build confidence and allows for a more positive experience.

  8. Quality Materials: The beads and plugs are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. Following proper care instructions will maintain the quality of the products.

  9. Discreet Packaging: The Curious Beaded Anal Plug Kit comes in discreet packaging, allowing users to explore their desires with privacy and confidence.

  10. Versatile Use: Whether you're a beginner or more experienced in anal play, the kit provides options for a variety of preferences, making it suitable for solo or partnered exploration.

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