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Studded Condoms by Trustex

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  1. Highly Effective Protection: Latex condoms are a reliable barrier method, providing highly effective protection against both pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Proper and consistent use during vaginal or anal intercourse enhances their effectiveness.

  2. Potential Damage with Non-Intercourse Use: It is crucial to use latex condoms specifically for intercourse (vaginal or anal). Using condoms for activities other than their intended purpose may increase the risk of potential damage to the condom, compromising their effectiveness.

  3. Natural Rubber Latex: This product is made from natural rubber latex. While latex condoms are a widely used and effective option, it's essential to note that they may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Users should be aware of any latex allergies and consider alternative options if necessary.

  4. Nominal Width 52mm (2.04"): The condom has a nominal width of 52mm (2.04"), providing a secure and comfortable fit during use.

  5. Latex-Free Taste: For added comfort during oral activities, this latex condom is designed to be latex-free in taste, allowing for a more pleasant experience.

  6. Reservoir Tip: The condom features a reservoir tip, providing extra space at the end to collect semen, reducing the risk of spillage.

  7. Water-Based Lubrication: The condom comes pre-lubricated with a water-based lubricant. Water-based lubricants are compatible with latex condoms and can enhance comfort during use.

  8. Storage Recommendations: Store the condoms in a cool, dry place at room temperature, ideally between 58°F (14°C) to 89°F (31°C). Proper storage helps maintain the integrity of the condoms and ensures their effectiveness.

Important Note: It is crucial to read and follow the instructions provided with the product for correct usage. If individuals have latex allergies, they should consider latex-free alternatives. Additionally, using condoms consistently and correctly is key to maximizing their effectiveness in preventing both pregnancy and the transmission of STDs.

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