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Tom Of Finland Nipple Barrel Clamps by XR

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Color: Black


  1. Heavy Duty Metal Construction:

    • Constructed from heavy-duty metal, these nipple clamps are designed for durability and strength.
  2. Durable Rubber Tips:

    • The clamps are tipped with durable rubber for maximum comfort and grip during use, ensuring a pleasurable and secure experience.
  3. Adjustable Design:

    • Each clamp is approximately 4.5 inches in total length and opens up to as wide as 0.5 inches in width. This adjustable design allows users to customize the fit for their comfort.
  4. Stunning Black Color:

    • The nipple clamps feature a stunning black color, adding a sleek and stylish aesthetic to your bondage play.
  5. Collector Print Bonus:

    • As with other signature Tom of Finland products, you'll receive an official collector print as a bonus, enhancing the overall experience and making these clamps a collector's item.
  6. Distinctive Barrel Style:

    • The clamps come in the distinctive and highly effective barrel style, providing a unique and visually appealing design.
  7. Removable 4 Ounce Weights:

    • The set comes with removable 4-ounce weights, allowing users to customize their nipple play experience by adding additional sensations.


  • Total Length: 4.57 inches
  • Opens up to 0.5 inches in width


  • Coated Brass
  • Rubber

Special Features:

  • Heavy Duty Metal
  • Rubber Tipped for Grip and Comfort
  • 4oz Weights
  • Collector Print Bonus

The Tom of Finland Barrel Style Nipple Clamps are designed for those who want to make a statement in their bondage play. With premium materials, adjustable design, and unique features, they deliver a top-notch experience in line with the Tom of Finland brand. Always follow the product's guidelines for safe and enjoyable use, and prioritize communication and consent when incorporating intimate accessories into your activities.

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