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Toko Silicone Lubricant by Shunga

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  1. Sumptuous Velvety Touch: Experience a sumptuous and velvety touch with TOKO Silicone Lubricant, offering a luxurious sensation that sets it apart from other lubricants.

  2. Never-Ending Lubrication: TOKO Silicone is known for its never-ending lubrication, providing a long-lasting and smooth glide that astonishes users.

  3. Revolutionary Formula: This silicone lubricant is in a class of its own, rendering other silicone lubricants obsolete with its revolutionary formula.

  4. Versatile Use: Use it even under water for intimate moments in the shower or bath. It can also be used as a massage lotion, allowing for endless loving caresses all over the body.

  5. Proudly Made In Canada: TOKO Silicone Lubricant is proudly manufactured in Canada, reflecting a commitment to quality and contributing to the support of local industries.

Discover a new level of intimacy with TOKO Silicone Lubricant, featuring a revolutionary formula that provides a sumptuous velvety touch and never-ending lubrication. Whether used under water or as a massage lotion, this Canadian-made lubricant promises a luxurious experience for endless loving caresses.

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