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Toko Exotic Fruits Flavored Lubricant by Shunga

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  1. Delicious Sensuous Taste: TOKO Aroma is a flavored lubricant designed with a delicious taste to excite and guide your senses, providing a delightful and sensuous experience.

  2. No Aftertaste: This lubricant is formulated with absolutely no aftertaste, ensuring that the delightful taste remains throughout the intimate experience.

  3. Ultra Long-Lasting Silky-Smooth Sensation: TOKO Aroma offers an ultra-long-lasting silky-smooth sensation, enhancing the overall pleasure and comfort during intimate moments.

  4. Water-Based Formula: The lubricant features a water-based formula, making it compatible with various types of toys and condoms.

  5. Non-Staining: TOKO Aroma is non-staining, allowing for worry-free enjoyment without the risk of staining fabrics or surfaces.

  6. Proudly Made In Canada: This flavored lubricant is proudly manufactured in Canada, adhering to high-quality production standards and contributing to the support of local industries.

Experience the delightful combination of taste and sensation with TOKO Aroma Flavored Lubricant. Proudly made in Canada, this water-based lubricant provides a great sensuous taste without any aftertaste, ensuring a pleasurable and non-staining experience for an extended period. Enhance your intimate moments with the ultra-long-lasting silky-smooth sensation of TOKO Aroma.

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