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Toko Melon Mango Flavored Lubricant by Shunga

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TOKO Aroma, a water-based lubricant crafted to provide a delectable taste without compromising on performance. Designed with a focus on delivering a delicious sensation, TOKO Aroma offers a range of enticing features to enhance your intimate moments:

  1. Delicious Sensuous Taste: TOKO Aroma is formulated to provide a great sensuous taste, adding a delightful element to your intimate encounters. The delicious flavor is crafted to excite and guide your senses, creating a pleasurable experience.

  2. Water-Based Formula: The lubricant is water-based, ensuring compatibility with various intimate activities. It provides a smooth and silky texture, enhancing comfort and pleasure.

  3. Ultra Silky Sensation: Experience an ultra-long-lasting silky-smooth sensation that enhances the overall enjoyment of intimate moments. The lubricant is designed to glide seamlessly, offering a pleasurable and friction-free experience.

  4. Non-Staining: TOKO Aroma is non-staining, providing peace of mind during use. Its formula minimizes the risk of leaving unwanted stains on fabrics or surfaces.

  5. Long-Lasting Performance: Enjoy extended pleasure with the long-lasting formula. TOKO Aroma is designed to persist throughout intimate activities, reducing the need for frequent reapplication.

  6. Proudly Made In Canada: The lubricant is proudly manufactured in Canada, adhering to quality standards to ensure a premium product.

Usage Tips:

  1. Application: Apply TOKO Aroma as desired to enhance lubrication and add a delicious taste to oral intimacy or other intimate activities.

  2. Compatibility: Confirm compatibility with condoms and other intimate accessories, following the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

  3. Cleanup: After use, easily clean the lubricant with water or a mild, water-based toy cleaner for a hassle-free post-intimacy cleanup.

  4. Storage: Store the product in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, to maintain its quality.

  5. External Use: While designed for intimate use, ensure that the product is suitable for external application as specified by the manufacturer.


Prioritize personal hygiene and follow recommended guidelines for safe and enjoyable intimate experiences. Confirm the compatibility of the product with your preferences and any other intimate accessories you may be using.

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