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Titan Huge Anal Plug 9.25" by Zero Tolerance

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Color: Black


  1. Large & Girthy Bullet-Shaped Design: The plug features a bullet-shaped design that starts slim at the pointed tip and gradually widens as you go down. This design provides a graduated entry, making it ideal for advanced anal play enthusiasts.

  2. Tapered Tip: The tapered tip adds to the ease of insertion, allowing for comfortable and gradual entry.

  3. Tall and Girthy Size: With a height of 9.25" and a maximum diameter of 3.92", this anal plug is tall and girthy, catering to those who seek a fuller sensation during play.

  4. Slick & Smooth PVC Construction: Crafted from slick and smooth PVC material, the plug ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The slight flexibility of the shaft allows it to move with your body.

  5. Powerful Suction Cup Base: The plug is equipped with a powerful suction cup base, offering stability during use and leaving your hands free for other pleasures. The base also acts as a safety feature, ensuring secure play.

  6. Easy to Clean: Clean-up is a breeze with Zero Tolerance Toy Cleaner and a hot water rinse. Maintaining proper hygiene ensures the longevity of your toy.

  7. Phthalate & Latex-Free: Crafted with your safety in mind, the anal plug is phthalate and latex-free, meeting high standards of body-safe materials.

  8. Waterproof & Submersible: The plug is waterproof and submersible, allowing for versatile use in various settings, including the bath or shower.


  • Plug: W: 3.92", H: 9.25", D: 3.92"
  • Insertable Portion: W: 3.5", H: 8.5", D: 3.5"
  • Weight: Over 2 lbs.

Experience the pleasure of advanced anal play with the Large and Girthy Bullet-Shaped Anal Plug, where its size, design, and features come together to create a fulfilling and exhilarating experience for those seeking a more substantial anal adventure.

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