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Three Hearts Gem Anal Plug Set 3pk by Adam & Eve

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Color: Red


  1. Set of 3 Metal Anal Plugs: This set includes three metal anal plugs with red heart jewel bases, providing a range of sizes to suit every preference. Perfect for backdoor stimulation and anal training.

  2. Body-Safe Polished Aluminum: Crafted from gleaming, body-safe polished aluminum, these plugs ensure a smooth and comfortable experience. The weighty feel adds to the overall satisfaction during use.

  3. Red Head Jewels: The red heart jewels at the bases are made from durable ABS plastic, adding a touch of elegance to each plug.

  4. Three Sizes: The set includes small, medium, and large plugs to satisfy every desire. Sizes are as follows:

    • Small: 2.79” x 10.7”, 1.8 oz
    • Medium: 3.24” x 1.34”, 3 oz
    • Large: 3.68” x 1.63”, 5.5 oz
  5. Temperature Play: The metal plugs can be heated or chilled for temperature play, allowing you to experiment and enhance the excitement of your experience.

  6. Jeweled Flared Base: The jeweled flared base not only adds a decorative touch but also makes inserting and removing the plugs easy. It ensures the plug stays securely in place during any level of activity.

  7. Discreet Storage Bags: Each set includes discreet black velvet drawstring storage bags, providing a convenient and private way to store your plugs.

  8. Waterproof: These plugs are waterproof, allowing for versatile use in various settings, including the bath or shower.

  9. Easy to Clean: After use, clean the plugs with Adam & Eve Toy Cleaner and a warm water rinse to maintain proper hygiene.

Indulge in the pleasure of anal play with this set of metal anal plugs, where the combination of gleaming metal, red heart jewels, and customizable sizes creates an exquisite experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, these plugs cater to all levels of anal exploration.

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