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Master Series Thorn Double Finger Pinwheel by XR

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Color: Black



  1. Versatile Sensation Play:

    • Ideal for sensation play, this Thorn Double Finger Pinwheel offers a range of experiences—from delicate and fluttering sensations to deeper, more intense stimulation.
  2. Dual Wheels with Spikes:

    • The toy features two wheels, each equipped with 20 small spikes. This design allows for a varied and customizable play experience.
  3. Lightweight Design:

    • The pinwheel is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and suitable for use on various parts of the body.
  4. Finger-Fitting Rings:

    • Two rings are designed to fit most fingers, providing a secure and comfortable grip for the user.
  5. Pricking, Tickling, or Punishing:

    • The choice of play is in your hands—whether you prefer gentle tickling, pricking sensations, or a more intense form of punishment.
  6. Measurements:

    • Length: 4 inches
    • Inner Ring Diameter: 0.8 inch
  7. Material:

    • Made from ABS plastic

Overview: The Master Series Thorn Double Finger Pinwheel is a versatile tool for sensation play, offering options for both delicate and intense stimulation. With dual wheels featuring small spikes, users can tailor the experience to their preferences. The lightweight design and finger-fitting rings make it easy to handle, allowing for exploration on various parts of the body. Whether you enjoy pricking, tickling, or more intense forms of play, this pinwheel provides a range of possibilities for erotic exploration.

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