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Silky II Masturbator Egg by Tenga

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Color: Clear


The TENGA EGG masturbator series offers a range of disposable masturbators designed for different strokes and sensations. 

  1. Super-Stretchable Elastomer Sleeve: Each TENGA EGG comes with a super-stretchable elastomer sleeve that can accommodate most sizes comfortably.

  2. Variety of Designs: The series includes various designs, each with its unique internal texture and details. These designs are reflected on the inside of the masturbator, offering a range of sensations for different preferences.

  3. Disposable: The TENGA EGGs are designed for single-use, ensuring convenience and hygiene. Once used, you can dispose of them easily.

  4. Portable: Their compact size and discreet design make them a portable option for on-the-go pleasure.

  5. Different Sensations: Depending on the specific design of the TENGA EGG you choose, you can experience a variety of sensations, allowing you to explore and find your preferred stroking experience.

The TENGA EGG series is known for its versatility, convenience, and ability to provide a range of pleasurable sensations. Each EGG offers a unique experience, making them a popular choice among those looking to enhance their solo playtime.

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