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Strict Extreme Sling And Stand by XR

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Color: Black


The Easy-to-Assemble Sling and Stand Kit is designed for comfortable and kinky sex, providing a sturdy and convenient setup. 

  1. Complete Kit:

    • Includes a sturdy stand, a beautiful leather-lined sling, and all the chains and clips needed for a comfortable and exciting sexual experience.
  2. Easy Assembly:

    • Simple and quick assembly allows you to set up the kit whenever the mood strikes.
  3. Avoids Wall or Ceiling Damage:

    • Hanging the sling on the stand prevents damage to walls, doors, or ceilings.
  4. Unique Design:

    • Built-in rings on the stand securely attach carabiners and chains for suspension play.
  5. Luxurious Leather-Lined Sling:

    • The sling offers full access to your partner while they are suspended in the air.
    • Provides a spread-open position for exciting play.
  6. Adjustable Design:

    • Allows your partner to lie back and place their feet in the removable stirrups.
    • Adjustable straps at the head for raising or lowering the upper body.
  7. Padded Pillow:

    • Cradles the head for added comfort during play.
  8. Quick Cleaning:

    • The sling can be wiped off quickly after use for easy cleaning.
  9. Discreet Storage:

    • The stand disassembles easily for discreet storage when not in use.
  10. Measurements:

    • Assembled stand is approximately 82 inches tall with a base footprint of 85 x 58 inches.
    • Sling is 38 inches in length and 21 inches in width.
  11. Material:

    • Made of leather, metal, and steel.
  12. Color:

    • Black.
  13. Weight Limit:

    • Has a weight limit of 400 pounds.
  14. Includes:

    • Stand, 4 chains, 8 spring snap clips, sling, and 2 removable stirrups.
    • 4 rings are welded to the stand for attachment points.

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