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Strict Claw Hook Mouth Spreader Gag by XR

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Color: Black


The Strict Claw Hook Mouth Spreader Gag by XR is an intense and intimidating bondage accessory designed to pry open the mouth, creating a unique and vulnerable experience for the submissive partner. 

  1. Intimidating Design:

    • The spreader features rounded claw-like tips designed to be placed on either side of the wearer's mouth.
  2. Adjustable Strap:

    • The strap allows you to adjust the spreader, pulling the lips taut and enhancing the sense of vulnerability and humiliation.
  3. Locking Buckle:

    • The spreader is equipped with a locking buckle, providing a secure and unyielding fit to keep the submissive partner's mouth open.
  4. Fuel Arousal:

    • The unique vulnerability created by the spreader is intended to fuel arousal for both partners involved in BDSM play.
  5. Versatile Use:

    • The open-mouth design allows for various forms of play and exploration, letting your imagination guide the experience.


  • Claw Length:

    • Each claw is 2.4 inches in length.
  • Fork Distance:

    • The forks are spaced 1 inch apart.
  • Strap Length:

    • The strap measures 12.5 inches in length.
  • Materials:

    • Constructed with PU leather and metal components.

How to Use:

  1. Placement:

    • Position the rounded claw tips on either side of the wearer's mouth.
  2. Adjustment:

    • Adjust the strap until the wearer's lips are pulled taut, creating the desired level of openness.
  3. Locking:

    • Use the locking buckle to secure the spreader in place, restricting the ability to close the mouth.
  4. Play and Exploration:

    • Utilize the open-mouth design for various forms of play, allowing your imagination to guide the experience.

The Strict Claw Hook Mouth Spreader Gag is designed to add an intense and thrilling element to BDSM play, combining the effects of vulnerability, restriction, and arousal. The adjustable strap and locking buckle provide customization and security, making it an ideal accessory for those seeking to explore power dynamics and sensory control in their intimate encounters.

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