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Steel Beaded Cock Ring XL by Cal Exotics

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Take your pleasure to the next level with the Steel Beaded Cock Ring XL by California Exotics. Crafted for those who desire a larger size, this stretchy silicone enhancer ring is designed to provide strong and sturdy support, ensuring a thicker and more durable experience. The added feature of steel stimulation beads enhances pleasure by delivering intense sensations for both you and your partner.

  1. XL Size: Specifically designed for those who prefer a larger size, the 2-inch (5cm) ring diameter ensures a comfortable yet snug fit for enhanced support.

  2. Stretchy Silicone: The stretchy silicone material of the enhancer ring allows for easy application and removal while providing a secure and comfortable fit during intimate moments.

  3. Steel Stimulation Beads: Experience intensified pleasure with the beaded design, adding a layer of intense sensations to your intimate play. The steel beads offer a unique touch for enhanced arousal.

  4. Strong and Sturdy Support: The cock ring is crafted to provide strong and sturdy support, contributing to increased stamina and a more satisfying experience for both partners.

  5. Thick and Durable: The thick and durable construction of the ring ensures longevity and durability, making it a reliable accessory for your pleasure adventures.

Elevate your intimate moments with the XL-sized Steel Beaded Cock Ring by California Exotics. Prioritize pleasure, support, and durability as you indulge in intense sensations and heightened satisfaction.

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