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Splash Dry Reversible Waterproof Blanket by Vivilo

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Color: Multi


The Vivilo Splash Dry king-size blanket is designed to enhance erotic experiences by providing a waterproof and comfortable environment for intimate encounters. 

  1. Waterproof Love Zone:

    • Creates a waterproof barrier to protect your bed, sofa, table, or other surfaces during intimate activities.
    • Allows you to use massage lotions, lubricants, or engage in activities without worrying about staining or wetting your surroundings.
  2. Anytime, Anywhere with Anything:

    • Versatile and suitable for use anytime, anywhere, and with any activity.
    • Provides the freedom to enjoy sensual adventures without restraint.
  3. Easy to Clean:

    • After use, simply wash the Splash Dry blanket to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.
    • Keeps everything under or around it perfectly dry and unblemished.
  4. Replace Towels:

    • Eliminates the need for uncomfortable towels that get wet and take time to dry.
    • The Splash Dry blanket is a more comfortable and efficient alternative.
  5. Material and Size:

    • Made of polar fleece 'Cool Dry' material.
    • Lightweight, comfortable, and soft on the skin.
    • King-size dimensions: 76’’ x 80’’ (193 cm x 203 cm).
  6. Quality Assurance:

    • Vivilo ensures the best quality possible by collaborating with manufacturers, providing both durability and comfort.
  7. Convenience and Mess-Free:

    • Allows you to engage in activities as desired without getting wet or creating a mess in the surrounding area.

The Vivilo Splash Dry blanket is designed to offer a worry-free and enjoyable experience during intimate moments, providing a waterproof solution for a variety of activities.

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