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Smack Warming & Lickable Massage Oil Strawberry by Little Geenie

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Elevate Your Sensual Experiences with Flavor and Warmth: These massage oils are designed to bring a new level of pleasure to your intimate moments, creating an environment of playfulness and closeness.

  1. Delicious Flavors:

    • Strawberry flavor, designed to be both warming to the skin and lickable, adding a tasty component to your massage.
  2. Soothing Warming Sensation:

    • Upon application, the oils gently warm up, adding a soothing and comforting sensation that can enhance the massage experience.
  3. Enhances Intimacy:

    • Designed to infuse an enjoyable and playful element into your intimate encounters, these oils are perfect for couples looking to deepen their connection.
  4. Size and Convenience:

    • Available in 2oz bottles, they are conveniently sized for regular use and easy to store or travel with.
  5. Multipurpose Use:

    • Ideal for sensual massages, the oils can also be used as a lubricant for more intimate moments.
  6. Quality Ingredients:

    • Formulated for a smooth, non-greasy texture, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

A Gateway to Playful and Sensual Exploration: Smack Warming & Lickable Massage Oils offer a delightful way to explore each other's bodies, tantalize the senses, and enhance your overall sensual experience.

Usage Tips:

  • Always do a patch test first to ensure there’s no allergic reaction.
  • Consider the preferences and sensitivities of both partners when selecting a flavor.
  • Use the oil sparingly at first – you can always apply more as needed.

These massage oils are a fantastic choice for anyone looking to add a fun, flavorful, and sensual element to their intimate moments. Whether it's part of a special occasion or a regular addition to your routine, they promise to enrich your experiences with your partner.

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