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Skyn® Elite Extra Lube Condoms by Lifestyles®

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  1. SKYNFEEL® Material: Crafted with SKYNFEEL® material, a cutting-edge non-latex fabric that provides a wonderfully soft and natural sensation. This material is an excellent alternative for those with latex sensitivities.

  2. Ultra-Thin Design: Outshining the SKYN Original range, these condoms are a remarkable 15% thinner, contributing to heightened sensitivity and a more natural feel during intimate moments.

  3. Extra Lubrication: Packed with a whopping 40% more ultra-silky lubricant than the SKYN Original range, these condoms offer enhanced glide and comfort for an exhilarating and smooth experience.

  4. Ultimate Sensitivity: Experience the ultimate sensitivity as these condoms are designed to transmit a more natural and intimate feeling, allowing you to connect more intimately with your partner.

  5. Unrivaled Comfort: The ultra-soft composition of the condoms effortlessly molds to your shape, ensuring a comfortable experience like no other. The combination of thinness and softness enhances overall comfort during use.

  6. Premium Polyisoprene Material: Made from premium polyisoprene, these condoms provide a reliable and durable barrier while maintaining a natural feel. Polyisoprene is known for its elasticity and resistance, offering reliable protection against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies.

  7. New Horizons: Get ready to explore new horizons in your intimate life with SKYN® Elite Extra Lube Ultra-Thin Condoms. The combination of thinness, extra lubrication, and SKYNFEEL® material opens up possibilities for an exciting and pleasurable adventure.

  8. Easy to Use: Designed for ease of use, these condoms are simple to put on and provide a secure fit for worry-free intimacy.

Note: Always follow the instructions provided with the product for proper usage and ensure compatibility with personal lubricants. Practice safe sex for overall sexual health.


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