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Size Matters Clitoris Excitement & Enhancer by XR

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Clitoris Excitement System

Explore the realms of enhanced clitoral sensitivity and potential enlargement with the Clitoris Excitement System. This comprehensive system is designed for women who seek to amplify their clitoral experience, whether for immediate enhancement of sensitivity or for gradual enlargement over time. The system's versatility lies in its three interchangeable cylinders, each tailored to deliver unique sensations and degrees of pressure.

Key Features:

  • Three Interchangeable Cylinders: The system includes three different cylinders, each designed to target the clitoris in unique ways. This variety ensures a customizable experience based on your preference or desired effect.

  • Vacuum Seal Technology: Once a cylinder is placed and the pump is used to remove air, it creates a vacuum seal. This sustained pressure can increase blood flow to the clitoris, leading to enhanced sensitivity and potentially gradual enlargement.

  • Immediate Sensitivity Enhancement: The use of the pump and cylinder can provide immediate improvement in clitoral sensitivity, making it an excellent tool for both solo play and foreplay.

  • Potential for Clitoral Enlargement: For those interested in clitoral enlargement, consistent use of the system according to a regular schedule may yield gradual and noticeable results over time.

  • Micro Clit Vibrator Included: To further enhance the experience, the system includes a highly effective micro clit vibrator. This addition allows users to fully enjoy their increased sensitivity post-pumping.

  • Targeted Application: The system is specifically designed to focus on clitoral stimulation, making it a specialized tool for enhancing one of the most sensitive erogenous zones.


The Clitoris Excitement System is an innovative and versatile solution for women looking to explore new dimensions of clitoral pleasure. Whether seeking immediate sensitivity enhancement or interested in long-term enlargement, this system provides a tailored approach to clitoral stimulation. Its combination of interchangeable cylinders and vacuum seal technology, along with the added bonus of a micro clit vibrator, makes it a unique and valuable addition to your collection of intimate products

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