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Sincerely Weighted Kegel System by Sportsheets

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To achieve bladder control and strengthen your pelvic floor with the Exercise Kit Bladder Control and Pelvic Floor Exercises. This set of three uniquely weighted Kegel balls is designed to assist you in your progressive training, featuring smooth silicone for ease of use and simple cleaning. The kit includes a quick guide manual leaflet and a convenient storage pouch to enhance your overall experience.

  1. Three Uniquely Weighted Balls:

    • Pink: 1.6 oz
    • Green: 2.6 oz
    • Purple: 3.7 oz
  2. Smooth Silicone Construction:

    • Crafted from smooth silicone, these Kegel balls provide comfort during use and ensure a gentle experience for progressive training.
  3. Progressive Training Weights:

    • The set is uniquely weighted to accommodate various levels of pelvic floor strength, allowing for gradual progression in your exercise routine.
  4. Quick Guide Manual Leaflet:

    • Included in the kit is a quick guide manual leaflet, providing instructions and tips for effective pelvic floor exercises.
  5. Storing Pouch:

    • A convenient storage pouch is included for easy and discreet storage of your Kegel balls.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Choose the appropriate weight for your current pelvic floor strength level.
  2. Insert the Kegel ball into the vagina, ensuring it is comfortably positioned.
  3. Perform pelvic floor exercises as guided by the quick guide manual leaflet.
  4. Gradually progress to heavier weights as your pelvic muscles strengthen.

Note: Clean the Kegel balls before and after each use with a toy cleaner or mild soap and water. Store them in the provided pouch between uses.

The Exercise Kit Bladder Control and Pelvic Floor Exercises is designed to support your journey towards improved bladder control and strengthened pelvic floor muscles. The progressive training weights and smooth silicone construction make this set a valuable addition to your pelvic floor exercise routine.

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