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Sex & Mischief Spreader Bar With Cuffs by Sportsheets

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Color: Silver


Embrace thrilling adventures and unleash your wild side with the Spreader Bar featuring Metal Cuffs. This robust and unyielding bar is designed to add an element of excitement and restraint to your intimate moments. Adorned with alluring metal cuffs, this versatile accessory allows you to effortlessly spread your wrists or ankles, providing a thrilling experience. Adjusting the bar is a breeze, thanks to the included key or quick-release mechanism. Beyond its versatility in restraint play, the Spreader Bar introduces an exhilarating twist to sexual exploration.

Key Features:

  1. Robust and Unyielding Design: The Spreader Bar features a robust and unyielding design, ensuring stability and durability during use.

  2. Metal Cuffs: Adorned with alluring metal cuffs, this bar adds a touch of allure to restraint play, creating a visually enticing experience.

  3. Adjustable: Adjusting the bar is easy, whether using the included key or a quick-release mechanism, providing flexibility and control.

  4. Versatile Restraint Play: The Spreader Bar is versatile, allowing users to effortlessly spread wrists or ankles for a range of restraint play scenarios.

  5. Exhilarating Sexual Exploration: Elevate your intimate experience by lifting your legs and angling your hips, granting effortless access to the coveted G-spot.

  6. Pushing Boundaries of Pleasure: With this tantalizing tool, the boundaries of pleasure are bound to be blissfully pushed, introducing new levels of excitement to your encounters.

Note: As with any restraint or intimate accessory, clear communication, consent, and safety are crucial. Users should prioritize comfort and respect boundaries during use.

Unleash the thrill of exploration and indulge in exhilarating pleasure with the Spreader Bar featuring Metal Cuffs.

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