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Sex & Mischief Shadow Hood by Sportsheets

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Color: Black


  1. Exploration of Submission Play:

    • The Enchanted Hood is designed to enhance submission play, allowing partners to explore the submissive side of intimacy.
    • Creates an atmosphere of mystery and visual deprivation for a heightened sensory experience.
  2. Visual Deprivation:

    • Utilize the Enchanted Hood for visual deprivation, intensifying the sensations and focusing on the tactile aspects of intimacy.
    • Ideal for those seeking a deeper connection and exploration of power dynamics.
  3. Compatible with Collar and Leash:

    • Enhance power exchanges by adding your favorite collar and leash to the Enchanted Hood.
    • Allows for a variety of BDSM scenarios and experiences.
  4. Pull-On/Off Design:

    • The Enchanted Hood features a simple pull-on/off design for easy wearability and removal.
    • Provides convenience and accessibility during intimate play.
  5. Materials: 90% Elastane / 5% Nylon / 5% Polyurethane:

    • Made of a blend of materials, including 90% elastane, 5% nylon, and 5% polyurethane.
    • Ensures a comfortable and flexible fit for extended wear.
  6. Submissive Atmosphere:

    • The Enchanted Hood contributes to creating a submissive atmosphere, allowing individuals to embrace and explore their submissive desires.
    • Adds an element of excitement and anticipation to BDSM play.
  7. Heightened Sensory Experience:

    • Visual deprivation and the snug fit of the hood contribute to a heightened sensory experience.
    • Encourages partners to focus on touch, sound, and other sensations for a more intense connection.
  8. Perfect for Role-Playing:

    • Ideal for incorporating into role-playing scenarios where the element of submission and control is desired.
    • Enhances the theatrical and fantasy elements of BDSM play.
  9. Compatible with Various Accessories:

    • The Enchanted Hood is compatible with various BDSM accessories, providing versatility for different play scenarios.
    • Offers opportunities for creative and diverse intimate experiences.
  10. Easy to Clean and Maintain:

    • Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring a hygienic experience between uses.
    • Allows for repeated use with proper care.

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