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Sex & Mischief Fishnet Paddle by Sportsheets

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Color: Black



  1. Fishnet Design: The paddle features a fishnet design, enhancing impact play with a unique texture. The fishnet pattern allows for a range of sensations, from gentle taps to firmer swats, providing versatility in BDSM activities.

  2. Heighten Impact Play: The product is designed to heighten impact play, suggesting that users can intensify bedroom play with both gentle taps and firmer swats using the fishnet paddle. This emphasizes its role in creating a spectrum of sensations during BDSM activities.

  3. Sensory Intensity Play: For intensified sensation play, the recommendation is to ask a partner to wear a blindfold while using the paddle across their body. This approach enhances the element of surprise and sensory focus during impact play.

  4. Blindfold Game: The suggestion to wear a satin blindfold introduces a playful element to impact play. The idea of playing a game of 'find the soft spots' adds a dynamic and interactive aspect to the BDSM experience.

  5. Material Composition:

    • 60% Polyurethane
    • 26% Polyester
    • 10% Fiberglass
    • 4% ABS Plastic
  6. Size: 12” x 4.5”

The Sex & Mischief Fishnet Paddle is presented as a versatile BDSM tool with its fishnet design, allowing users to explore a range of sensations during impact play. The inclusion of recommendations for blindfolded play and a game involving a satin blindfold adds a playful and interactive dimension to the overall experience. The material composition highlights a blend of polyurethane, polyester, fiberglass, and ABS plastic for a durable and effective impact tool.

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