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Ultra Thick Silicone Lubricant by Sensuva

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SupremeSilk Ultra-Thick Silicone Lubricant

  1. Ultra-Thick Formula: SupremeSilk boasts an ultra-thick silicone formula, providing a substantial and luxurious texture for enhanced glide and comfort.

  2. Extremely Long-Lasting: Enjoy an extended and enduring lubricating experience with SupremeSilk's extremely long-lasting formula, ensuring uninterrupted pleasure.

  3. Blend of High-Grade Silicones: Crafted with a sophisticated blend of high-grade silicones, SupremeSilk offers a premium lubricating experience for a smooth and indulgent feel.

  4. Glycerin-Free: Formulated without glycerin, catering to individuals who may be sensitive to this ingredient or prefer lubricants without it.

  5. Paraben-Free: Free from parabens, SupremeSilk provides a clean and body-friendly option for those seeking a silicone lubricant without certain preservatives.

SupremeSilk Ultra-Thick Silicone Lubricant is designed to deliver a rich and indulgent experience, thanks to its ultra-thick formula and high-grade silicone blend. Its extremely long-lasting properties ensure that you can fully enjoy intimate moments without interruptions. The glycerin-free and paraben-free formulation adds to its appeal as a body-friendly and premium silicone lubricant. Immerse yourself in the luxurious feel of SupremeSilk for a heightened and satisfying intimate experience.

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