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Ultra Thick Hybrid Personal Moisturizer Lubricant by Sensuva

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Ultra Thick Hybrid Personal Moisturizer Lubricant

  1. Moisturizing Formula: Provides moisturizing benefits, enhancing comfort and pleasure during intimate activities.

  2. Non-Sticky: Designed to offer a non-sticky and smooth experience.

  3. Good for Sensitive Skin: Formulated with ingredients suitable for sensitive skin, reducing the risk of irritation.

  4. pH Balanced: Maintains a pH balance for optimal compatibility with the body.

  5. Easy Clean-Up with Water: Allows for easy and convenient clean-up with water.

  6. Latex & Silicone Product Safe: Compatible with latex and silicone products, offering versatility in use.

  7. Glycerin-Free: Free from glycerin, catering to those who prefer glycerin-free lubricants.

  8. Paraben-Free: Excludes parabens, meeting preferences for paraben-free products.

Usage Instructions:

  • Apply the ultra-thick hybrid personal moisturizer lubricant as needed to enhance lubrication during intimate activities.
  • Suitable for use with latex and silicone products.
  • Clean up easily with water.

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