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Scandal Pony Play Set by Cal Exotics

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Color: Red



  1. Remarkable Anal Pleasure:

    • The Scandal Pony Play Set by Cal Exotics is designed to provide remarkable thrills and sensual anal pleasure. It is crafted for those seeking heightened experiences in the realm of anal play.
  2. Comprehensive Kit:

    • The kit includes multiple toys, offering users a variety of options to choose from. This comprehensive approach allows individuals to customize their experiences based on their preferences and desires.
  3. Ultimate Satisfaction:

    • The product aims to deliver the ultimate satisfaction to users engaging in anal play. Whether for solo or partnered use, the kit offers a range of options for diverse experiences.
  4. Thoughtful Design:

    • The set is thoughtfully architected with the intention of providing mutual pleasure. This suggests a consideration for the dynamics of partnered play, enhancing the intimate moments shared between individuals.
  5. Versatile Experience:

    • Users can explore different sensations and intensities by choosing from the various toys included in the kit. The versatility offered caters to a range of preferences within the realm of anal pleasure.


  • Prioritize communication, consent, and comfort when engaging in any form of intimate play.
  • Begin with activities and toys that align with individual comfort levels.
  • Use appropriate lubrication designed for anal play to enhance comfort and reduce friction.
  • Clean and sanitize toys according to manufacturer guidelines for safe and hygienic use.

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