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Realrock Crystal Clear Anal Plug 4.5" by Shots

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Color: Black


  1. Clear and Elegant Design: Immerse yourself in the allure of a crystal-clear anal plug design, allowing you and your partner to witness every intimate moment. The meticulously crafted shape ensures both comfort and optimal pleasure.

  2. Suction Cup Base for Hands-Free Pleasure: The base of the plug doubles as a powerful suction cup, creating a stable anchor for hands-free play. Explore new horizons of pleasure without the constraints of manual control.

  3. Body-Safe and Non-Porous Material: Our Crystal Clear Anal Plugs, a part of the REALROCK CRYSTAL CLEAR collection, prioritize your well-being. Crafted from phthalate-free, latex-free, body-safe, and non-porous materials, they ensure a worry-free and hygienic experience.

  4. Easy-to-Clean for Long-Lasting Durability: Enjoy the convenience of easy cleaning thanks to the non-porous nature of the material. This feature not only enhances hygiene but also contributes to the longer-lasting durability of the plugs, ensuring they stand the test of time.

  5. Generous Dimensions: With a height of 4.5 inches (including the suction cup), an insertable length of 4.3 inches, and a girth of 2.2 inches, these anal plugs cater to those who seek a fuller and more satisfying experience.

  6. Versatile for Solo or Couples Play: Whether you're exploring solo pleasures or adding excitement to shared intimate moments, these Crystal Clear Anal Plugs are versatile enough to meet your desires and fantasies.

  7. Phthalate-Free and Latex-Free: Prioritizing your safety, these anal plugs are free from phthalates and latex, ensuring a worry-free and pleasurable experience every time.

Are you ready for a Crystal Clear experience that transcends the ordinary? Elevate your pleasure with the transparency and sophistication of our Crystal Clear Anal Plugs from the REALROCK CRYSTAL CLEAR collection.

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