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Rainbow Dicks Candy Suckers 6pk by Kheper Games

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A pack of six fruit-flavored, multi-color Penis Shaped lollipops with a whimsical touch. Perfect for adding a fun and tasty element to adult-themed events or simply as a unique and entertaining treat, these lollipops are sure to bring a burst of flavor and laughter.

  1. Multi-Color Delight: Rainbow Dick Suckers feature a vibrant and multi-color design, adding a playful and whimsical touch to the treat.

  2. Fruit Flavored: Each lollipop is fruit-flavored, offering a delicious and enjoyable taste experience with every lick.

  3. Ingredients: The ingredients include sugar, corn syrup, artificial flavors, and colors, creating a sweet and flavorful combination.

  4. 6-Pack: The package includes a set of six lollipops, providing a convenient and shareable treat for various occasions.

Rainbow Dick Suckers are a light-hearted and flavorful addition to adult-themed events or as a fun treat for personal enjoyment. The multi-color design and fruit-flavored profile make them visually appealing and delicious, offering a unique and amusing twist to traditional lollipops. Share the laughter and enjoyment with this playful and tasty confectionery.

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