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Quickie Kit Thick Penis Pump by Blush

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Color: Black


A versatile set designed to deliver three different ways to enhance and stimulate your penis. This kit is perfect for those seeking new sensations and experiences, providing a range of options for pleasure and satisfaction.

  1. Squeeze Ball Pump:

    • Explore new sensations with the strong suction power of the squeeze ball pump.
    • The 8-inch chamber, flexible silicone tube, and quick-release valve ensure maximum comfort during use.
    • Engorge your penis with blood, creating a pleasurable and heightened experience.
    • Easy to use and easy to clean, offering a quick and satisfying session.
  2. Soft and Flexible Stroke Sleeve:

    • Caress and stimulate your shaft with the soft and flexible stroke sleeve included in the kit.
    • The sleeve features teasing ticklers and slightly ribbed walls to engulf your penis, providing a textured and pleasurable experience.
    • Open-ended design for easy clean-up after use.
  3. Stretchy Cock Rings:

    • The Quickie Kit also includes two stretchy cock rings to trap blood, helping you maintain a harder and bigger erection.
    • Enhance stamina and prolong pleasure with these comfortable and body-safe rings.
  4. Masturbation and Penis Enlargement Kit:

    • This kit is versatile, serving both as a masturbation aid and a penis enlargement tool.
    • Experience heightened sensations while also engaging in exercises to promote blood flow and engorgement.
  5. Lab Tested Body Safe:

    • All products in the Quickie Kit are made of body-safe materials, ensuring your comfort and safety during use.
    • Compatible with silicone, water-based, and hybrid lubricants for a smooth and pleasurable experience.

Enhance your solo play with The Quickie Kit - Thick Cock, offering quality tools for penis stimulation, enlargement, and heightened pleasure. Whether you prefer the suction pump, the stroke sleeve, or the added benefits of the cock rings, this kit provides a variety of options to cater to your desires. Enjoy a satisfying and comfortable experience with body-safe materials and easy-to-clean designs.

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