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Pumped Clitoral & Nipple Pump Medium by Shots

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Color: Pink


Enhance your sensual experiences with the Clitoral & Nipple Pumps, an innovative and stimulating device designed to increase pleasure in your most sensitive areas. This pump is perfect for anyone looking to explore the thrilling sensations of suction and enjoy enhanced stimulation during their intimate moments.

  • Targeted Sensory Enhancement: Specifically designed to heighten sensation in the clitoris and nipples, this pump provides a gentle and effective way to increase blood flow and sensitivity in these erogenous zones.

  • Easy to Use: The pump is simple and straightforward to operate. Just place the cylinder over the clitoris or nipple and gently squeeze the pump to create suction.

  • Adjustable Suction Intensity: The pump features a release valve on the bulb for easy pressure adjustment. You can control the level of suction to suit your comfort and pleasure preferences.

  • Convenient Clip System: The pump detaches from the cylinder using a convenient clip system, leaving the suctioned area untouched for continued stimulation.

  • Compatible with All Lubricants: Enhance your experience with any type of lubricant. The pump's compatibility with different lubricants ensures a comfortable and pleasurable session.

  • Safe Usage Duration: To ensure safety and optimal results, it is recommended to use the pump for no longer than 20-30 minutes on both breasts.

Kit Includes:

  • Three Cups: Diverse sizes to fit different areas effectively.
  • One Hose with Two Ends: For easy and efficient pumping action.
  • One Hand Pump: For creating the necessary suction in the cups.


The Clitoral & Nipple Pumps are an excellent choice for those seeking to add a new dimension to their pleasure. Whether used as part of solo play or with a partner, this pump offers a unique way to explore the joys of increased sensitivity and arousal. With its user-friendly design, adjustable suction, and compatibility with various lubricants, this device is sure to become a cherished addition to your intimate experiences.

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