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Power+ Delay Cream for Men by Doc Johnson

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  1. Odorless: The Power+ Delay Cream for Men is formulated to be odorless, providing a discreet and unobtrusive experience during intimate moments. This allows users to focus on pleasure without distraction.

  2. Tasteless: With a tasteless formulation, this delay cream ensures that oral activities remain enjoyable without any undesirable flavors. This feature adds versatility to its use, catering to a variety of preferences.

  3. Premature Ejaculation Prevention: The primary function of the Power+ Delay Cream is to help delay or prevent premature ejaculation. The inclusion of Benzocaine, a common desensitizing agent, works to temporarily reduce sensitivity, allowing for extended periods of pleasure.

  4. Contains Benzocaine: Benzocaine is a key ingredient in this delay cream, known for its desensitizing properties. It helps to temporarily numb the area, allowing users to last longer during intimate activities.

Directions for Use: Apply a small amount of the Power+ Delay Cream to the desired areas, focusing on the sensitive parts of the penis, 5-10 minutes before engaging in sexual activities. Gently massage the cream into the skin and allow it to fully absorb. Start with a small amount and adjust based on individual preferences.

Caution: Perform a patch test before widespread use to ensure compatibility with individual skin types. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Experience prolonged pleasure with the Power+ Delay Cream for Men. Its odorless and tasteless formulation, combined with the inclusion of Benzocaine, aims to provide a discreet and effective solution for delaying or preventing premature ejaculation. Always follow the product instructions for safe and optimal use.

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