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Pivot™ Positioning Partner by SportSheets

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Color: Black


Elevate your comfort to the next level with the game-changing Pivot™ Positioning Partner. This revolutionary take on renowned Sex Sling designs is crafted to blow your mind. Featuring an extra-large, flat pillow design, this positioning partner ensures unparalleled support by cradling your head and neck in the most blissful way possible. The innovative design incorporates soft ankle cuffs connected to cushioned shoulder straps via adjustable tethers, providing the freedom to be as relaxed or restrained as desired. Genius thigh straps effortlessly keep your legs supported without fatigue, making this masterpiece a versatile and comfortable addition to your intimate experiences.

  1. Pillow Backing: The extra-large, flat pillow design delivers ultimate comfort and support, cradling your head and neck for a blissful experience.

  2. Adjustable Ankle Straps: The soft ankle cuffs are connected to cushioned shoulder straps by adjustable tethers, allowing for precise positioning and offering the freedom to be as relaxed or restrained as desired.

  3. Genius Thigh Straps: Thigh straps provide heavenly comfort and support, featuring variable rings along the shoulder straps to keep your legs supported without fatigue.

  4. Durable Hardware: Equipped with durable hardware for secure restraint, ensuring easy release and adjustability to cater to your unique needs and desires.

What's Included:

  • 1 Positioning Neck Pillow & Shoulder Strap
  • 2 Thigh Slings
  • 2 Ankle Cuffs

Materials: Crafted with a blend of 40% Polyester, 20% PP cotton, 20% PP webbing, 5% XPE foam, 5% Iron alloy, 5% Zinc alloy, and 5% POM plastic. This combination of materials ensures durability, comfort, and secure support during use.

Prepare to experience a revolutionary level of comfort and pleasure with the Pivot™ Positioning Partner—a game-changing addition to your intimate repertoire!

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