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Pivot Connection Kit by SportSheets

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Color: Black


  1. Versatile Pleasure and Positioning:

    • The Pivot™ Connection Kit is introduced as the ultimate combination for perfect pleasure and positioning during playtime.
  2. Ideal Pairings and Endless Possibilities:

    • The kit includes two adjustable tethers and comfortable cuffs, providing ideal pairings for various desires and endless possibilities for exploration.
  3. Restraint and Support:

    • The kit allows users to explore restraint and add support to wrists and ankles during play sessions.
  4. Plastic Handled Grip:

    • The kit features a plastic-handled grip that is pivotal in allowing users to embrace natural movements and indulge in new ways.
  5. Versatility with Pivot™ Products:

    • The Connection Kit is described as the perfect companion to any Pivot™ product, offering versatility like never before.
  6. Adjustable Tethers:

    • The kit includes two 47" tethers that are fully adjustable to cater to unique needs. Each tether has handy clipped ends for a secure connection.
  7. Padded Cuffs with Velcro Connections:

    • Two padded cuffs are included in the kit, featuring Velcro connections for added comfort and convenience during play.
  8. Vinyl Hand Grip with D-Ring Connectors:

    • The star of the show is the vinyl hand grip with D-Ring connectors, acting as a trusted ally in expanding pleasure horizons. It has a sturdy construction and ergonomic design to withstand adventurous moments.
  9. Durable and Reliable Materials:

    • The Connection Handle is made from a blend of 45% PP, 45% PVC, and 10% Iron Alloy, ensuring durability. The ankle straps are composed of various materials including polyester, PP Plastic, XPE foam, Iron Alloy, and Zinc alloy. The tethers are crafted with PP Plastic, Iron Alloy, Zinc Alloy, and POM Plastic.
  10. Quality and Performance:

    • The materials used in the kit aim to provide quality and performance, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience during play.

The description emphasizes the adaptability and comfort of the Pivot™ Connection Kit, making it suitable for various play scenarios. As with any intimate products, communication, consent, and safety are essential considerations during use.

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