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PDX Extreme Roto Bator Ass Vibrating Masturbator by Pipedream Products®

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Color: Clear


The Roto-Bator Ass is a state-of-the-art, powered masturbator designed to provide a unique and highly stimulating experience for men. 

1. Advanced Rotation Mechanism:

  • The Roto-Bator Ass incorporates an advanced rotation mechanism that sets it apart from ordinary strokers.
  • The soft TPR sleeve features strategically placed metal pleasure beads that rotate with each revolution, massaging every inch of the pleasure rod.

2. Unique Textured Design:

  • The TPR sleeve has a textured layer that enhances the sensation during use.
  • Rows of tiny ticklers within the sleeve tease and please, offering spine-tingling sensations for an unparalleled experience.

3. Fully Automated Operation:

  • Powered by an ultra-strong motor, the Roto-Bator Ass is a fully automated masturbator.
  • It offers 3 thrilling speeds and 7 rotation patterns, allowing users to customize their experience according to their preferences.

4. Reverse Rotation Feature:

  • The product includes a reverse rotation button that instantly changes the direction of the spinning pleasure sleeve.
  • This feature enables users to experiment with various pleasure combinations, ensuring a dynamic and satisfying session every time.

5. Independent Controls:

  • Engineered like no other masturbator on the market, the Roto-Bator Ass features independent controls for power, intensity, direction, and rotation.
  • Users can easily adjust these settings to tailor the experience to their liking.

6. Size Accommodation:

  • The long cylinder and stretchy sleeve are designed to accommodate a wide range of sizes and girths.
  • The clear tube allows users to visually observe their progress as their arousal increases during use.

7. Water Resistance:

  • The entire unit is water-resistant, making it suitable for use in the shower, hot tub, or spa.
  • This feature adds versatility to where and how the Roto-Bator Ass can be enjoyed.

8. Product Specifications:

  • Ultra-strong motor for powerful performance.
  • Multi-speed and multi-function capabilities for varied experiences.
  • Transparent tube for visual stimulation.
  • Waterproof design for enjoyment in water-based environments.

The Roto-Bator Ass aims to provide mind-blowing satisfaction with its innovative design, ensuring a pleasurable experience for users without the need for manual effort.

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