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PDX Extreme Wet Pussies Juicy Snatch Masturbator by Pipedream Products®

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Color: Tan


1. Self-Lubricating Feature:

  • The Wet Pussies Juicy Snatch Masturbator boasts a self-lubricating feature, providing a hassle-free and smooth experience without the need for extra lubrication.
  • Users can simply add water to activate the self-lubricating mechanism, enhancing the pleasure during use.

2. Material and Design:

  • Crafted with Fanta Flesh®, a renowned and high-quality material that aims to replicate the feel of real skin for an authentic experience.
  • Meticulously designed with ultra-realistic details, the masturbator aims to surpass the authenticity of a real encounter.

3. Orgasmic Adventure:

  • The self-lubricating stroker is designed to offer a slippery, orgasmic adventure, providing intense and pleasurable sensations during use.
  • Users can immerse themselves deep inside for a satisfying and lifelike experience.

4. Dimensions:

  • Total Length: 5.3 in (13.5 cm)
  • Total Width: 2.8 in (7 cm)
  • Total Height: 3 in (7.5 cm)
  • Tunnel Length: 4.7 in (12 cm)

5. Material Composition:

  • Made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), a body-safe and flexible material commonly used in the production of sex toys.

6. Weight:

  • Weighing 0.47 lbs (0.21 kg), the masturbator is designed to be lightweight and easy to handle.

7. Realistic Feel:

  • The Fanta Flesh material, coupled with the ultra-realistic details, aims to provide users with an experience that closely mimics the sensations of real intimacy.

8. Easy to Use:

  • Users can enjoy the self-lubricating feature by simply adding water, eliminating the need for additional lubricants and making the product convenient and easy to use.

The Pdx Extreme Wet Pussies Juicy Snatch Masturbator is designed to deliver a satisfying and authentic stroking experience with its self-lubricating feature and realistic design, making it a convenient and enjoyable addition to intimate moments.


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