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Sexy Therapy Kissable Massage Oil Cotton Candy by Orgie

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Pleasant Warming Effect: Indulge in a soothing and pleasurable experience with Sexy Therapy Kissable Massage Oil, featuring a gentle warming effect upon contact with the skin. The warming sensation enhances relaxation and adds a comforting element to massages.

  1. Delightfully Cotton Candy Flavored: Elevate your intimate moments with the delightful and sweet flavor of cotton candy. This kissable massage oil not only engages the senses through touch but also delights the taste buds, creating a sensory-rich experience.
  2. Kissable Formula: Formulated to be kissable, this massage oil allows for seamless transitions between massages and more intimate activities. The appealing cotton candy flavor invites playful exploration and adds an element of fun to your sensual encounters.

  3. Multi-Purpose Use: Beyond its primary use as a massage oil, Sexy Therapy Kissable Massage Oil is versatile, offering opportunities for creative and varied sensual activities. Explore new ways to connect and experience pleasure with this enticing product.

  4. Non-Sticky Texture: Enjoy a smooth and sensual glide during massages, thanks to the non-sticky texture of this massage oil. The formula is designed to be non-greasy, contributing to a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both partners.

  5. Easy to Wash Off: After use, the massage oil is easy to wash off with water, leaving no residue behind. This feature ensures a hassle-free cleanup, allowing you to focus on the pleasure and connection shared during your intimate moments.

Sexy Therapy Kissable Massage Oil in Cotton Candy flavor is a tempting addition to your sensual toolkit, providing a warming effect, delightful taste, kissable formula, non-sticky texture, and easy washability. Perfect for couples seeking to enhance their intimate experiences with a touch of sweetness and playfulness.

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