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Open Mouth Gag by Lux Fetish

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Color: Black


Design and Material

  • Sturdy Metal O-Ring: The use of a metal O-ring in the gag indicates durability and strength. Metal is a common choice for such products due to its robustness and longevity.
  • Patent Wrap Encasing: The patent wrap around the metal O-ring not only adds to the aesthetic appeal, giving it a sleek and polished look, but it may also serve to make the gag more comfortable against the skin and teeth. The choice of materials suggests a blend of functionality and visual appeal.

Functionality and Use

  • Oral Control Device: The primary function of this gag is to exert control over the wearer's mouth. By prohibiting verbal communication, it intensifies the physical and psychological aspects of BDSM play.
  • Enhances Non-Verbal Communication: The restriction of speech can heighten other forms of communication, such as body language, making the interaction more intense and possibly more intimate.
  • Possibilities for Varied Play: The description suggests the gag is designed for activities like biting and spitting. This versatility indicates that it's suitable for a range of BDSM scenarios, catering to different preferences and kinks.

Psychological Aspect

  • Dominance and Submission: The gag plays a significant role in the dynamic of dominance and submission. By inhibiting speech, it reinforces the power exchange inherent in BDSM activities.
  • Liberation of Inhibitions: For some, the use of such a gag can be liberating, allowing them to explore aspects of their sexuality and desires in a controlled environment.

Safety and Consent

  • As with any BDSM equipment, the use of the Lux Fetish Open Mouth gag should be consensual, with clear communication about boundaries and safe words (or gestures, given the nature of the gag). It's also important to consider the physical safety of the wearer, ensuring that the gag does not cause undue discomfort or risk.


The Lux Fetish Open Mouth gag is designed to be a high-quality, durable addition to BDSM play, offering both functional and psychological elements to enhance the experience. Its sturdy construction and sleek design align with the needs of those who enjoy oral control dynamics in their bondage activities. Always remember, the key to a positive and enjoyable experience with such tools lies in consensual and safe use, with open communication between all parties involved.

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