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No More Wet Spots Spray by Classic Erotica

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Bed Spot Drying Spray

Say goodbye to wet spots on the bed with our Bed Spot Drying Spray. This innovative solution allows you to quickly and effectively dry any small wet spots, ensuring a comfortable and dry sleeping environment.

  1. Quick Drying Formula:

    • The fast-acting formula ensures that wet spots on the bed are dried quickly and efficiently.
  2. Convenient Spray Application:

    • Easy-to-use spray application for targeted and mess-free drying.
  3. Versatile Use:

    • Suitable for various situations, whether it's spills, accidents, or simply wet spots, this spray has got you covered.
  4. Discreet Solution:

    • Discreetly address wet spots without the need for bulky or noisy drying equipment.
  5. Bed-Friendly Ingredients:

    • Formulated with ingredients that are gentle on fabrics and bedding.

Never worry about wet spots on your bed again. Keep your sleeping environment dry and comfortable with our Bed Spot Drying Spray.

Pickup available at KELOWNA #200 2469 HWY 97ST N

Usually ready in 2 hours

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