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Nipple Grips Nipple Press With Chain by Cal Exotics

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Color: Silver


  1. Four-Point Nipple Press: The Nipple Grips feature a four-point press design, providing precise and targeted pressure on the nipples. This enhances sensitivity and arousal, creating a captivating sensation during play.

  2. Adjustable Screws for Customizable Pressure: Enjoy complete control over the intensity with adjustable screws. Tailor the pressure to your liking by tightening or loosening the screws, ensuring a personalized and gratifying experience.

  3. Teasing Chain for Added Sensuality: The inclusion of a teasing chain adds an extra layer of sensuality to your play. The chain creates a visual and tactile connection between the nipple grips, enhancing the overall experience with every movement.

  4. Durable Metal Construction: Crafted from durable metal, the Nipple Grips are designed to withstand intense play. The sturdy construction ensures a secure grip and allows you to explore without compromise.

  5. Non-Tarnishing and Nickel-Free: Prioritizing your safety and comfort, the nipple grips are non-tarnishing and nickel-free. Enjoy the luxurious and elegant design without concerns about tarnish or nickel-related sensitivities.

  6. Enhanced Sensation: The Nipple Grips 4-Point Nipple Press with Chain is created to enhance sensation and pleasure. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or exploring nipple play for the first time, this accessory offers a new level of intensity.

Take your nipple play to new heights with the Nipple Grips 4-Point Nipple Press with Chain. Whether you're indulging in solo exploration or sharing the experience with a partner, the combination of precise pressure, adjustable features, and teasing chain creates a captivating and unforgettable sensation.

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