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Wand Essentials Multi Function Wand Controller by XR

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Color: White


  1. Enhance Your Wand Experience:

    • Turn your 2-speed wand into a variable speed wand with this controller, offering more options for personalized pleasure.
  2. Adjustable Speeds:

    • If your current wand massager has only 2 speeds, this controller allows you to vary the speed according to your desires.
  3. Easy Setup:

    • Simply plug the box into the wall, then plug the wand into the box to enjoy adjustable speeds.
  4. Increased Mobility:

    • The controller provides an extra 2.5 feet of cord, offering increased mobility during use.
  5. Hands-Free Pleasure:

    • Equipped with a clip, allowing you to attach it to your beltline for a hands-free experience.
  6. Compatibility:

    • Compatible with most two-speed wand massagers, providing versatility in use.
    • The variable power switch allows you to use it solely as an extension cord if needed.
  7. Measurements:

    • Length: 4.5 inches
    • Width: 2.25 inches
    • Height: 1.75 inches
  8. Material:

    • Constructed from plastic, rubber, and metal for durability and safety.
  9. Color:

    • Black, providing a sleek and discreet appearance.
  10. Wand Not Included:

    • Note that the wand massager is not included; this product is designed to enhance the functionality of your existing wand.

Upgrade your wand massager experience with the Variable Speed Controller, offering adjustable speeds, increased mobility, and hands-free options for a more personalized and enjoyable pleasure session.

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