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Master Series Joly Jolt Remote Trainer Collar by XR

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Color: Black


The Lockable Electro Human Puppy Training Collar is a specialized and versatile device designed for training and BDSM play. This collar can be securely locked into place using a padlock (sold separately), ensuring that your human puppy stays obedient. The included remote control has an impressive range of up to 800 feet, allowing for easy and effective training from a distance.

Key Features:

  1. Lockable Design:

    • Can be securely locked into place with a padlock (sold separately), enhancing the control and training experience.
  2. Wireless Remote Control:

    • The remote control has a range of up to 800 feet, providing flexibility during training sessions.
  3. Multi-Functional Options:

    • Offers a variety of stimulation options, including electro-stimulation, audio tones, vibration, and visual cues.
  4. Puppy Training Theme:

    • Specifically designed for BDSM play and human puppy training scenarios.
  5. User-Friendly Operation:

    • Easy-to-use remote control for convenient training sessions.


  • Locking Mechanism:

    • Designed to be used with a padlock (sold separately).
  • Remote Range:

    • Up to 800 feet.
  • Stimulation Options:

    • Electro-stimulation, audio tones, vibration, and visual cues.
  • Theme:

    • Suitable for BDSM play, particularly human puppy training.

The Lockable Electro Puppy Training Collar is an ideal accessory for those engaged in BDSM activities and puppy play scenarios. Its lockable design and range of stimulation options make it a versatile tool for training and control during intimate moments. Note: Always prioritize safety and communication in BDSM activities, and ensure consensual and responsible use of such devices.

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