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Main Squeeze Powder Renew by Doc Johnson

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  1. ULTRASKYN™ Compatibility:

    • Specifically designed for ULTRASKYN™ inserts, the Main Squeeze Refresh Powder is tailored to maintain the quality and longevity of these materials, enhancing your overall experience.
  2. Natural Ingredients:

    • Crafted using natural ingredients, this powder guarantees a safe and pleasurable encounter without the inclusion of talc. Embrace the freshness without compromising on safety.
  3. Revitalizing Formula:

    • Rediscover the thrill of your Main Squeeze as the specially formulated powder revives and revitalizes the texture and feel of your ULTRASKYN™ inserts, ensuring they stay in optimal condition.
  4. Safe and Pleasurable:

    • The Main Squeeze Refresh Powder is designed to prioritize your safety and pleasure, providing a reliable solution for maintaining the hygiene and freshness of your intimate accessories.
  5. Adventure-Ready:

    • Created for adventurers like you, this powder is your go-to companion to ensure that your Main Squeeze is always ready for the next thrilling encounter.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate freshness and pleasure with Main Squeeze Refresh Powder. Elevate your Main Squeeze experience by embracing the specially crafted formula that keeps your ULTRASKYN™ inserts in prime condition. Trust in the quality and safety of this powder as you embark on exciting adventures with your Main Squeeze.

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